Top Tips for Marketing Your New Website

So, you’ve just launched your new website live to the world. It’s a beautifully designed, well laid out piece of digital art, complete with all the relevant, engaging content you’re sure people will love, if only they knew it existed.

And that’s where the problem lies. Unlike Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, just because you build, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll come. Instead, you have to put some real effort into finding your audience and convincing them to check out your site.

Sounds like hard work? Sure, it can be, but when you follow these simple top tips for marketing your new website, it doesn’t have to be.

Use your current contacts

Friends, family, and business contacts are all worth telling about your new website. If they don’t currently have a need for the product or service you’re offering online, there’s a good change they’ll know someone who does.

Send out an email, share your site through social media, and ask your connections to pass your website link onto their contacts and ask them to share that link with others they feel could benefit from your site.

Targeted advertising

The days of simply creating a post on Facebook and watching the traffic flood in are long gone. These days, users are far more selective about what they see on their news feeds. As such, even if you’ve developed a large fanbase for your business page, there’s no guarantee that all of those fans will see your posts. Instead, use targeted social media advertising to find those Facebook users who’ll have a real interest in your site, and get your website on their feeds.

If you’re signed up with a cheap web hosting provider to host your site, you’ll likely have free Facebook advertising credits included in your package, which can lower the cost of your campaign.

Hold a launch event

You’ve worked hard on your site, and seeing it finally live on the web is a big deal to you, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat it as such. Why not really go for broke by holding your own launch event. Invite existing or potential new customers, members of your community, even the local press. You could give a demonstration of the products or services you’re selling, perhaps have a few laptops set up and invite guests to explore your site, and don’t forget to print up leaflets or cards with your URL so that those guests will know how to find you once the event is over.

Create a contest or give-away

Everybody loves getting a freebie, and your potential new visitors are no different. Celebrate the arrival of your new site by giving away a free download, running a competition where people can win a prize relating to your business, or perhaps even offer a discount voucher exclusively for web users.

Depending on your location, there may be certain rules and regulations regarding competitions, so be sure to check your give-away complies with local laws.

Put your web address everywhere

You don’t have to make a grand, sweeping gesture in order to market your website. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Wherever your business has a presence, be sure to include your website address. Put a link to your site in your email signature. Make sure it’s included in all your social media profiles and in the signatures of any work-related forums you participate in.

Don’t forget your offline tools too. Your business cards, leaflets, corporate brochures and catalogues should all feature your website address in a prominent position and start driving visitors to that beautifully designed website with content you’re sure they’ll love once they get there