Tutorial: How to Install WordPress from cPanel

So, you’ve heard all about the benefits of building your own WordPress website and you’re looking forward to getting started. There’s just one problem, you need to get the platform up and running on your server.

You’ve looked at manually installing WordPress, but that still seems a little too complicated. Don’t worry, there is an easier way.

With most of the leading cheap web hosting providers, you can take advantage of one-click WordPress installation to get everything up and running on your server in no time.

Here’s how it’s done.
Log in to your account

As simple as that. Go to your hosting provider’s website and enter your username and password.

Head to your cPanel

If you aren’t automatically directed to your cPanel, you should find a button for it somewhere on your hosting dashboard. It should look a little like the following:
Scroll to Web Applications

Or a similarly-titled box where you’ll find some of the many applications you can install on your server.

In some cases, you’ll see a WordPress icon in that box. If this applies to you, click the icon and jump to the next step.

As you’ll see, this doesn’t apply for us, so we need to click ‘view more’ to bring up a page like the following:

WordPress is just a little further down that page under “Apps for Content Management”
Click the WordPress Icon

Whether it’s there directly on your cPanel or you have to click a ‘view more’ link to find it, once you’ve got the WordPress icon in your sites, simply click it to bring up a page which should look something like the one below:

Check that you have enough disk space, then click ‘Install this application.’
Run the installation wizard

If you only have the one domain name associated with your hosting account, and nothing else on there, this should be straightforward. the installation wizard will automatically pick your domain name and select the public_html folder for your new WordPress site.

You can leave these as they are.
Personalise your new site

The wizard will auto-generate a random admin username for you, like the one below. We recommend changing this to something much easier to remember. The same with your password.

You can also change the title and subtitle of your site from the standard ‘Just another WordPress site’ stuff, and scroll on.
Click ‘Install’

If you’re new to WordPress or aren’t that familiar with the more technical side of things, we recommend leaving everything as it is, letting WordPress manage the advance settings for you, and simply hitting ‘install.’
Get ready to build your site!

Your wizard should only take a few moments to process, after which it will take you to a new page which lists the details of your new site and provides you with a preview of how it currently looks. Here’s one we set up for a local community website.

And that’s all there is to it. You can now login to your dashboard and start building your site.