Cheap Web Hosting Companies for Under £3/Month

I was in your position a few years ago and searched high and low for a cheap web hosting company that suited my budget. It wasn’t easy and I had been disappointed many times by poor support and reliability. That’s why I created this site to help people like you who are looking for a cheaper hosting alternative yet still offer the same (or better) performance than the more expensive companies. These are providers that I recommend (no affiliate links) and are based on my own personal experience.

WordPress Guide

It’s the most popular CMS today and there’s a reason for that. I created a guide for making the most of the functions and features. I’ll walk you through step by step to help you create the perfect site!

Our Review Process

We have put the cheapest web hosts to the test. It’s important that the data speaks for itself so we have put each host through its paces and tested criteria such as support, performance and up-time!

Cheap Hosting Guide

This is the ultimate “cheap” web hosting guide that you’ll find! It contains all the in and outs that of the hosting world and what to look for when choosing a suitable web host.

What really matters which choosing a cheap web hosting company?

I started my first website back in 1998 which the internet started to get going so I’ve been through quite a few different hosting companies some of which weren’t cheap! What I found out was that you can get a great hosting package for the cost of a coffee and still get the service, up time and reliability of the more expensive web hosting. It’s just a case of shifting through the ones that really are terrible hosting companies.

How we review..

Searching for a hosting company that it both cheap and reliable isn’t easy. I’ve chosen web hosts that cost less than $1/month but had awful reliability and customer support issues. When your just starting out you really don’t want this! Most of the cheap web hosting companies that I have reviewed are also packed full of features that the more expensive providers have.

When I’m rating a company I look at the following criteria…

  • Customer support (how quickly they respond and also the waiting time..)
  • Loading times (how quickly the site loads and responds)
  • User reviews (nothing gives you a better indication than reading what customers think of the service/performance)
  • Up time (what % is the site online)